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  • Meet ancient habitants of Earth

    Meet ancient habitants of Earth

    Enjoy the Galapagos Multisport. SPECIAL OFFERS FOR NOVEMBER DEPARTURES


  • Dare to find your inner Adventurer

    Dare to find your inner Adventurer

    Full adventure! Find our best deals for Thanks Giving


  • Make everlasting memories with your Family

    Make everlasting memories with your Family

    Few spaces left for your pre-Christmas Holiday


  • Plunge into a Wonderful Paradise

    Plunge into a Wonderful Paradise

    Start the year in the earth's most amazing paradise


  • Explore hidden paths with Indescribable Landscapes

    Explore hidden paths with Indescribable Landscapes

    A quick view of our many wonders


  • Connect with the Nature's Spirit

    Connect with the Nature's Spirit

    Non-traditional Holidays? Check this out




Ecuador Pure Life is a leader adventure travel company located in Quito, created by a group of knowledgeable expedition leaders, in order to offer the most amazing group adventure experiences and tailor-made trips adjustable to the needs and requests of our guests. Our mission is to achieve customer satisfaction through our unique client-centered philosophy. Our clients' happiness, enjoyment and education are the cornerstones of the company's reputation and success.

Our philosophy is based on the meaning of LIFE and how important is to truly understand this feeling, we believe that with adventure traveling we can make a positive impact in people’s life, is all about the achievement of happiness exploring beautiful destinations in our own planet and share unique experiences of a lifetime. We are committed to practice responsible and sustainable travel in every of our expeditions, we care about the local communities and conservations.  

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    • Farrell Oxley

      Farrell Oxley

      The perfect tour to fit EVERYTHING in mainland Ecuador into one short week.

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    • David Brust

      David Brust

      It was an enriching experience and I enjoyed it a lot. I do a lot of similar things in the US but this was totally different.

      Read more

    • Shane Allen

      Shane Allen

      It was an absolute blast the entire time. The homestays were very cool!

      Read more

    • Angie Ng

      Angie Ng

      I really enjoyed my experience in Galapagos and will treasure the experiences I had there.

      Read more

    • Joyce Tsao

      Joyce Tsao

      This trip and experience has been life changing. I look at the world with more love & sympathy and value other cultures even moreso.

      Read more

    • Kathleen Brewster

      Kathleen Brewster

      This was the best vacation we have ever spent together as a family.

      Read more

    • Jakara Hubbard

      Jakara Hubbard

      Amazing experience! I grew emotionally, physically, and mentally.

      Read more

    • Margaret Dorris

      Margaret Dorris

      This was an excellent trip and I would recommend it to my friends.

      Read more

    • Jen Sinkler

      Jen Sinkler

      On this trip, I was thrown from a boat into class III rapids, hiked most of the way up an active volcano, straddled the equator, climbed waterfalls, slept in the Amazon jungle,
      made chocolate by hand from pod to fondue, had my chapstick stolen by a monkey, and was cleansed by a shaman.

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    • Emily Tomayko

      Emily Tomayko

      Ecuador is so vivid and beautiful and it's people are so welcoming.

      Read more

    • Anthony and Dee

      Anthony and Dee

      Trip of a lifetime, we really got to experience the beauty of Ecuador and how diverse the country is

      Read more

    • Jhon Ellis

      Jhon Ellis

      The trip was amazing with a very personal touch. The guides were incredible and I felt like we got to do and see so many things. It was the adventure of a lifetime.

      Read more

    • Kimberly G.

      Kimberly G.

      The Home Stay was an incredible experience to immerse myself in the culture of Ecuador.

      Read more

    • David Depto

      David Depto

      I had a great time, my guide was fantastic!

      Read more

    • Matt Mccarthy

      Matt Mccarthy

      While I've traveled extensivley, this was my first organized tour.

      Read more

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