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How to adventure in Ecuador Andes & Amazon

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If you have done your homework, you have probably met many articles about adventure in Ecuador, and the wonders of the Amazon rainforest. However, we have a perspective that comes from passion, so I am sure you will find this piece a little different! Let us show you the how to adventure in Ecuador Andes & Amazon, this is what we will explain: 

- Where do you get the best views? Only on top of the Andes 
- Is it safe for me to go to the rainforest by myself? Of course not! We have the solution - Forget about spring and fall! Ecuador weather and its moodiness.
- Great tips for packing.
- This is not all, check tours that are ready to book and go.


When you come to Ecuador, you are not just looking at many green and postal like mountains; you are looking at the Andes, the longest continental mountain range that goes through seven countries in South America. 
In Ecuador, you will find the central Andes and we can proudly say that we have Chimborazo that, even when is not the highest mountain by elevation above sea level, its location along the equatorial bulge makes its summit the farthest point on the Earth's surface from the Earth's center. Did you read that Himalayas? 
You will have amazing chances no just to reach the summit of this mountains –it takes time to get use to the altitude – you will find amazing routes to do hiking, clear skies to do camping and of course you will meet live culture in remote towns.

Taste of what the Andes can offer you: 
Reventador, 3,562 m (11,686 ft)
Quilotoa, 3,914 m (12,841 ft)
Pichincha, 4,784 m (15,696 ft)
Corazón, 4,790 m (15,715 ft)
Tungurahua 5,023 m (16,480 f 
Illiniza, 5,248 m (17,218 ft)
Sangay, 5,230 m (17,159 ft)
El Altar, 5,320 m (17,454 ft)
Antisana, 5,752 m (18,871 ft)
Cayambe, 5,790 m (18,996 ft)
Cotopaxi, 5,897 m (19,347 ft)
Chimborazo, 6,268 m (20,564 ft)

Most of these elevations are located just a couple of hours away from Quito, the capital of Ecuador, and you can reach them in a weekend. Others like Cotopaxi, Altar and Chimborazo should be taken with more respect as they are so imposing, you may want to prove your value on the lower elevations. 
That is not all. Ride your bike down the slopes in a mixture of single paths, dirt and asphalt. If you want to know more, stay tuned, we have a whole chapter about biking. 


Many explorers have risked their lives trying to reveal the secrets that the forest hides. Fortunately, you will not have to do that anymore. Even though there are many expeditions –ours are one of a kind- that will take you to the treasure of the tribes still living in real peace with nature there is no mayor risk, if you do it right. 
First, you need to know what you are looking for; you can come to open up your mind to other ways of life, such as the Huaorani tribe that we appreciate so much, and with whom we have a close relationship, or you are looking for the wildlife paradise still existent in 21st century. With that in mind you will be able to make a better choice and be more satisfied with your holiday. 
If you already have a picture of yourself in one of these magical rivers, we have a start! 
As most of the destinations in Ecuador, the rainforest is all about experience. You need to be aware of the patience that takes to wait for the birds to come to the clay lick, the silence needed in the night walks and the attention to capture a distracted animal that noticed your presence and ran into hiding. 
The best activity, then in these rivers is kayaking; the water is calm enough for beginners and so quiet to discover all the live along the river. You can camp at the edge of the rivers, enjoy the sounds of the night, and feel the legends become truth. All of this should be done with a certificate, and more important experimented guide that knows the area and can take you through the journey without turning it into a survivor episode. 
There are many paths to hike while you see all the movement of the ecosystem in the forest. 


A country named after the line that divides the world in half is not close enough to the poles to get a snowy winter, or even 4 seasons as you can find in the north or south. This is usually a good thing –you can have a pair of boots and wear them during the whole year- but it can be upsetting when you are in front of your suitcase. 
I showed you these two main destinations for adventure: Andes and Rainforest. I have a couple of tips to pack accordingly:


The best advice will be to bring layers. There are months –usually June, July and August- with bright mornings, clear skies and strong winds. But do not trust, it can rain in the afternoon. Sometimes from Quito, you can see an amazing clear day, and when you get to Cotopaxi, for example, is all gray and cloudy. The best thing then is to pack a rain jacket, a nice fleece and long sleeve shirts –the sun here will burn you without you noticing it. 
Same when it looks rainy, it can get sunny. So layers are your new best friend here! 
If you are planning to reach the summit of one of the respectable volcanoes I listed above, then you know you have to be ready. Pack your entire arsenal; you will be facing nature up there! 


What to expect? Rain, of course! The extensive number of trees attract rain most of the year –there is a dry-ish (December through mid-March) and a wet season (rest of the year) – and the vegetation growing all over keeps the humidity and a warm sensation in all the paths. 
You should think in a rain jacket, dry fast pants and again long sleeve shirts. Rubber boots will be very useful. Travel light is always a valuable tip, even more valuable: a dry bag.
A personal recommendation: forget about tech. Let the forest teach you, change you and evolve you. Get back you the roots! 


You may think that there are many things to consider before deciding to come, and there are indeed. However, we have already considered all the variables and we came up with a couple of packages that will only require your presence. 

Give yourself a chance to be part of the trip of a lifetime! Do you think I am overselling it? Check it yourself; we will love to show you how right I am J

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